Remote Video Production 

Vice Media needed a Kansas City based studio and video production crew to interview a local subject for their “Informer Series.” The production had specific requirements to use a producer to interview the subject from a remote location and match existing episodes in look and feel using real-time communication and collaboration.


Vice Media’s “Informer Series” hear the anonymous confessions and insights of people on the inside of different industries, institutions and events. The show’s episodes live on Vice Media’s website and YouTube.

The challenge at hand was to meet Vice Media’s specific set criteria, ensuring that we seamlessly complemented their existing content for the “Informer Series”. With one producer in the UK and another in California, it was crucial to establish seamless visual and auditory communication between the team members and the talent present at Phosphor Studio’s facility. Specific set design, props, multiple camera angles, slow motion and stills were required to match the same look and feel as the other videos in the series. Additionally, we needed to capture clear dialogue from the subject wearing a mask which added an extra layer of complexity.


Through the power of remote video production, Vice Media’s producers in the UK and California were able to connect with their masked guest on set at our facility in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City. Our team set up the space according to Vice Media’s specifications, for lighting, and deploying multiple cameras to enable the remote team to see the set design and employed various audio relays for smooth communication. This setup facilitated real-time communication between the producers and talent, fostering a casual and comfortable conversation. Through our advanced remote video production capabilities, we created an environment where each participant could effortlessly see and hear one another, eliminating any geographical barriers.

The integration of cutting-edge technology and seamless collaboration unveiled a realm of benefits for Vice Media. Since everything was done remotely and the subject was able to stay in the U.S., the cost of producing this episode was significantly reduced. With all technical concerns effortlessly managed, the interviewer delved into the emotional core of the guest’s experience, showcasing their authenticity. The relaxed environment allowed the interview to flow organically, enabling a compelling narrative to unfold. The interview was swiftly recorded, and the files were promptly delivered to Vice Media, ensuring a seamless production process from start to finish.


Through collaborative innovation, remote video production, and a shared commitment to excellence, Vice Media and Phosphor Studio shrank the boundaries of distance in media production, creating an “Informer Series” episode that captivated millions. 

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