Audio Production and Original Score


BeGreat Together, an advocate for social change and artistic innovation, embarked on an extraordinary journey with Phosphor Studio to create their award winning documentary film “Pregnancy and Prejudice.” 


BeGreat Together, Inc.’s inspiring film, “Pregnancy and Prejudice,” delves deep into the story of Sherry “Mama Hakima” Payne, a remarkable advocate for Black infant and maternal health. Central to the film’s narrative is Mama Hakima’s role in co-founding and developing Uzazi Village, a sanctuary of love, support, and healing for Black mothers and infants.


Faced with the challenge of conducting interviews, audio editing, mixing, mastering, and a tight deadline; BeGreat Together placed their trust in Phosphor Studio. This required the utilization of Phosphor Studio’s production stage, post production editing suites, and a captivating original score.


To bring Director Avrell Stokes’s vision to life, audio expert Royce worked through editing and enhanced the sound of the film using state of the art audio tools. Working hand in hand with composer Jefferson Laurent, they crafted a score that intertwined seamlessly with the narrative, heightening its emotional impact and immersing audiences in the story.


Keeping the majority of the production and post-production all under one roof saved BeGreat Together a ton of time and allowed them to hit their tight deadline.  Having an in-house composer allowed them to have a truly unique score that aided in telling this story.


BeGreat Together’s partnership with Phosphor Studio yielded exceptional results, garnering praise from both the filmmakers and community leaders.

The exceptional quality of “Pregnancy and Prejudice” propelled it to remarkable success at various film festivals and showcases, solidifying its place in the annals of film excellence:

Customer Success Metrics

  • Best Documentary – Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival, 2023
  • Finalist – BE Festival Film Showcase, 2023
  • Semi-Finalist – Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, 2023
  • Official Selection – Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival, 2023
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