Live Immersive Production


For listeners at home, we used technology that takes the studio surround sound environment and translates it into a “binaural” format to be listened to on headphones. Binaural audio considers how sound interacts with the human head and ears to create an immersive listening experience that accurately represents the performance venue soundscape.  




Fleshy Temples is a musician known for his unique approach to combining an array of synthesizers, effects, and electro-acoustic instruments. His performances are characterized by a blend of predesigned musical structure and improvisation, resulting in a one-of-a-kind expression of the moment.

Phosphor Studio specializes in creating audio visual journeys that transcend traditional storytelling boundaries. Their expertise lay in immersive 3D/spatial sound installations, visual effects using projection mapping and media production. Phosphor Studio produces transformative experiences through innovative technology and multimedia integration.


Fleshy Temples and Phosphor Studio came together for an audio-visual event that meshed live music with projected animation and 3D spatial sound, aiming to create a fully immersive sensory storytelling experience. This collaboration sought to push the boundaries of traditional live performances by integrating cutting-edge technology and artistic expression.


For this event, Phosphor Studio developed a novel creative system that combines multiple workstations to produce projected visuals reacting dynamically to Fleshy Temples’ sound, while adding 3D ambient sound elements to further complement the fully spatial audio experience. Using advanced projection mapping and object based spatial audio, Phosphor unifies and interrelates all media to create a cohesively immersive live experience.


  • Integrate a live electronic music performance with visual projections and spatial audio.
  • Created a unique sensory experience that is captivating and transcendent.
  • Showcase the potential of integrating advanced technology, live music, visual art, and 3D spatial sound to create a fully immersive experience.
  • Demonstrate the power of multidisciplinary collaboration in pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, multimedia and technical integration.


The collaboration between Fleshy Temples and Phosphor Studio involved a carefully crafted workflow to ensure seamless integration between live music, projected visuals, and 3D spatial sound. The following steps outlined their workflow:

  • Planning and Conceptualization: Fleshy Temples and Phosphor Studio collaborated to define the overarching theme and narrative for the performance. They discussed the intended emotions, visual aesthetics, and sonic landscapes to guide the creative process.
  • Music Composition and Performance: Fleshy Temples composed and performed the live music component, combining predesigned musical structures with improvisation. He created a sonic landscape that aligned with the intended themes and narrative of the performance.
  • Visual Creation and Projection Mapping: Phosphor Studio began the visual creation process by generating animated sequences that dynamically reacted to Fleshy Temples’ music. Utilizing projection mapping techniques, visuals were precisely aligned to the physical projection panels in the performance space.
  • Spatial Sound Design and Mixing: Phosphor Studio employed object-based sound field mixing techniques to create a cohesive audio experience. They strategically positioned and manipulated sound sources within a virtual sound field, allowing for precise control and placement of audio elements within the space.
  • Integration and Rehearsal: The audio-visual components were integrated and fine-tuned during several rehearsals. Fleshy Temples and Phosphor Studio worked closely together to ensure perfect synchronization between the live music, visuals, and spatial sound. Adjustments were made as needed to optimize the immersive experience.
  • Performance Execution: The final performance took place, with Fleshy Temples delivering live music while Phosphor Studio controlled the projected visuals and spatial sound systems. The audience was enveloped in a fully immersive sensory experience that blended live music, dynamically reactive visuals, and 3D spatial sound.


Fleshy Temples performs music with an array of synthesizers, effects, and electro-acoustic instruments (in this case it’s the Elektron Octatrack, Korg Minilogue, Empress Echosystem, Jomox T-Resonator, Hologram Microcosm, DB-01 Bassline, and SOMA Labs’ Lyra8, Pulsar23 & Dvina). His approach to live performance is a blend of predesigned musical structure and improvisation. Every performance is a unique expression of that moment.


For this event, Phosphor Studio utilized several advanced technologies to create a fully immersive live experience, including:

  • Networked Audio: Phosphor Studio leveraged network-based audio systems to achieve a spatialized sound experience. By distributing audio channels across multiple speakers and using techniques like ambisonics and Dolby Atmos, they created a sense of 3D sound that complemented the visuals and enhanced the immersive experience.
  • Projection Mapping: The visuals for the performance were mapped onto various surfaces using projection mapping techniques. By precisely aligning the projected visuals with the physical structures, Phosphor Studio brought life to the space and created a dynamic visual experience that reacted to Fleshy Temples’ music in real-time.
  • Real Time Reactive Video Effects: are programmed and triggered live to parts or frequencies of the music and associated sound design.
  • Object-Based Sound Field Mixing: Phosphor Studio employed object-based mixing techniques to create a cohesive audio experience. By treating sound sources as individual objects, they were able to manipulate sounds in a virtual environment, allowing for precise control, placement and movement of audio elements within the space.
  • Sound Design and Spatial Effects: The team at Phosphor crafted an auditory journey that complements and amplifies the live performance, ensuring that each moment is felt profoundly and authentically by the audience.
  • Ambisonic Recordings: Spherical environment recordings were mixed with other sound design elements.  This format records a “sound field” from a specific point in designated space indoors or outdoors. Ambisonic recordings capture complete directivity details for every soundwave. This encompasses height information, as well as a 360° spectrum around the microphone.  A true feeling of “being there” is evoked when the recordings are played in the performance venue.
  • Show Control: Each song was broken down into parts which were assigned a cue. From each cue, triggers and commands are distributed to multiple machines and software to do their part in concert.
  • Original Video Footage: The collaboration incorporated pre-recorded video footage that aligned with the thematic elements of Fleshy Temples’ performance. These videos were seamlessly integrated into the live experience, adding an additional layer of visual storytelling and enhancing the overall immersive experience. As part of the preparation process, Phosphor Studio shot, edited and synchronized the video footage to align with the music and sound design. This ensured a smooth and cohesive flow between different media elements. 


The collaboration between Fleshy Temples and Phosphor Studio represented an innovative approach to live immersive production, leveraging advanced technologies such as network audio, projection mapping, object-based sound field mixing, video footage, and video editing. By blending these technologies with live music, they aimed to create a truly immersive and captivating sensory experience that pushed the boundaries of traditional live performances and showcased the potential of multimedia integration in modern storytelling.


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