Dolby Atmos Music Production


At Phosphor Studio, we believe that every artist deserves to have their music heard on the grandest stage possible. In recent years we’ve explored music creativity with the emerging technology of Dolby Atmos. With its precision, dimensionality, and enveloping feel, Dolby Atmos expands music production into new frontiers where every note is perfectly placed.


Vimana Isya, an up-and-coming musician, approached us to release his latest song, “Star Dust,” in Dolby Atmos. We worked closely with Vimana to ensure his music would captivate audiences and transport them to a new sonic dimension.


Vimana came into Phosphor Studio with the stems from his producer and an immersive song in his head. This required recording, mixing, mastering for stereo, and ultimately creating a Dolby Atmos mix. 


Our team recorded all of his vocals, edited the music to fit his vision, designed and added sound effects elements, mixed the song, and finally mastered it for stereo. From the stereo master we began the intricate process of remixing the song in three dimensional space for a true immersive Dolby Atmos experience. Phosphor Studio delivered the finished mix for distribution, making “Star Dust” available for streaming in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music and other streaming services.


At Phosphor Studio, everything is under one roof. Our facility, including our large sound stage, provides the perfect space for auditioning and comparing stereo masters and Dolby Atmos mixes. This meant that Vimana was able to go from start to finish in one studio, saving him valuable time and money.


Now, listeners can journey through Vimana’s musical universe, streaming the Dolby Atmos mix to truly experience an immersive creation. Audiences are captivated by the multidimensional soundscapes that Phosphor Studio helped bring to life, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Customer Quotes:

“Thank you, guys! I’ve never heard my music on a scale of that magnitude. Wow!” – Vimana Isya, recording artist

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